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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Running TikTok Ads for Ecommerce

Stacks Creative has been testing out UGC with a variety of different content creators this year. The ad platform is in its infancy, however, the results have been strong for brands that are able to consistently test and measure with different creators, hooks and styles. We recommend this approach with many of our paid campaigns but this is more so true on TikTok

From working on these accounts we’ve compiled a list of  – 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Running TikTok campaigns.


1. Copying Facebook and Instagram ads over

Many eCommerce brands dip their toes in TikTok advertising by copying their ad creative from their Meta ad manager and publishing directly to TikTok with some budget.

Sometimes this can lead to brands dismissing TikTok ads entirely, saying it does not work. However, the reality is, that the creative approach when running TikTok campaigns needs to feel native to the platform.

This forces marketers to think outside the box when it comes to the background music of their ads.


2. Neglecting UGC

UGC stands for user-generated content.

on TikTok this means point of view shooting, self-shot talking to camera, and vlogging style content.

UGC content is perceived as much more authentic and trusted when compared with professionally produced content.

If your brand has a reluctance to use UGC you may need to look elsewhere for your campaign as UGC is the foundation of TikTok.


3. Attempting to use music without rights

This one is a little more specific, however, it can stop a lot of brands in their tracks when testing creative concepts and attempting to hop on trends.

When creating TikTok ad content it is important to remember that business accounts have limitations when it comes to music rights.

If a brand wishes to use a song outside of the TikTok business music library they must purchase the music rights from the artist/music label to avoid legal trouble.


4. Not using TikTok Creative Centre

The recently released Top Ads section in the TikTok Creative Centre is the single most valuable resource for inspiration and mood-boarding TikTok campaigns.

On TikTok you need to stay on top of trends and understand what ads are driving action – the Top Ads tool allows you to search and filter the top-performing TikTok ad creative. It is possible to filter by country, industry and campaign objective.


This is an excellent resource for inspiration and will no doubt start to accelerate the competition among advertisers on the platform.

Well there you have it – 4 mistakes to avoid when running TikTok ads for eCommerce.

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