Product Feature Labels Examples for Ecommerce paid social ads

4 High Performance Stactic Ad Creative Ideas for eCommerce Brands

While social video continues to be an important focus for many campaigns – well-designed static ad images continue to be some of the top performers for e-commerce brands, especially in recent months.

Below are 4 high-performance static ad creatives that every e-commerce brand should test in their campaigns this busy season – with examples!

(Relevant industries: nutrition, electronics, apparel, jewellery, home goods)

1. Product Feature Labels πŸ‘ˆ

Key features labelled short and succinct. Make sure they can be read in 5-10 seconds.

Product Feature Labels Examples for Ecommerce paid social ads

2. Review Features ⭐️

This is a really effective way to leverage existing social proof. Independent review platforms are best (Trustpilot,Β Google,Β AmazonΒ )

3. Media Features πŸ“°

Include a bar of media organisations that mentioned the brand (big or small). This is another way for newer brands to establish credibility and relevance.

Media Features Banner Static Ad Creative

4. The Offer Front & Centre 🏷

This one may seem simple – but placing the offer/promotion front and centre in your image has a huge impact on performance and CTR.

Many brands make the mistake of relying solely on the caption to communicate this.

This one is especially relevant during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as this is the time even the brands that don’t typically discount have some form of sale/promotion – so make sure it stands out.

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