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5 Steps You Can Take to Run Unstoppable Social Ad Campaigns

Whether you’re running many long-running campaigns or you’re about to kick off a campaign in the lead up the Christmas for your online store. You will want to make sure that all aspects of your campaign are optimised to maximise your return on ad spend.


Below you will find 3 quick tips you can implement right now as part of your campaign.


1. Have a Strong Offer

This may seem obvious.

An expertly built campaign, with professionally written copy will not overcome a weak offer.

A good offer NEEDs to be in place before you start.



2. Focus on Video

Video has taken over and is expected to account for 82% of online traffic this year.

The time spent on TikTok, Reels and stories by social media users is enormous. Great video content captures attentions on these channels.

Get creative and testing with:

  • Product demos
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • User Genertated Content (UGC)
  • Influencer collab
  • Professional Video

Grab user attention within the first second – add music, subtitles, and get them running in your adsets.


3. Pick the Right Campaign Objective

Far too often social ad campaigns are set to traffic or brand awareness objectives – when the desired outcome is a purchase or lead.

It can be tempting to go for the options that optimise for higher reach or traffic numbers.
However, when the desired outcome of a campaign is a purchase or conversion –  get your conversion tracking set up correctly and set the campaign for conversion.

4. Refresh Your Ads Often

We’ve all experienced seeing the same ad again and again, it gets repetitive. This is called ad fatigue.
Even the best ads will get stale over time and decline in performance.


5. Have a Website that Converts


Picture this – you’ve done the hard part. 

You have a great ad and someone interested in your offer. They click into your website and its…

– Slow to load 

– Difficult to navigate 

– Shipping is costly 

– No reviews / testimonials

Any one or multiple of these could be damaging your conversion rate, thus damaging your campaign results.


The experience on your site needs to be frictionless.


Test these tips out!

And there you have it. Five steps that you can implement to help you run unstoppable Facebook ad campaigns and get the results your aiming for. 

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