Scaling a D2C eCommerce Brand with Facebook Ads – 8.73x ROI

This case study illustrates how paid social can be used to accelerate revenue growth in a fast scaling direct-to-consumer ecommerce brand.

The Challenge

A fast-growing D2C company approached Stacks Creative with the goal of scaling their D2C brand’s revenue using paid social media. 

The brand had already established itself in its industry, however, with competition emerging on every corner – the need to continue scaling and continue reaching new customers was clear.

Oftentimes marketing campaigns can be focused on views, engagement, reach and awareness metrics. However, for a fast-growing D2C eCommerce brand awareness alone will not suffice.

With focused budgets and a roadmap for success, these paid social media ads needed to drive revenue growth relatively soon.

As a result, the metric of primary focuses for this campaign were the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and marketing efficiency ratio.

The approach.

The approach for this client was to build a top, middle and bottom funnel campaigns to run year round. With continuous testing and seasonal pushes on different product collections.



Top of Funnel

Broad targeting of audiences that are unaware and unfamiliar with the brand.

Content was targetted towards a broad buyer persona audiences that this D2C brand would resonate with.

Content at this level needed to have a great hook and tell a story.

Key Audiences: Broad Interests and demographics matching buyer persona.

Middle of Funnel

Once familiarity starts to be achieved – some more of the product and brand features can be emphasised.

The audience at this stage of the funnel are aware of the brand but may not be fully aware of the product features or selling points of the brand.

Key Audiences: Social Media Engagers within last 90 days, Video-Watchers within last 90 days and website visitors.

Bottom of Funnel

The final segment was the bottom of funnel targets. This is an audience with a high purchase intent and typically has the highest returns per euro spent in the campaign.

This audience are aware of the brand and some of their offerings. The focus here is to build on previous touchpoints or reach them with a value offering.

Key Audiences: Website visitors who added to cart in the last 30 days, website visitors who initiated checkout in the last 30 days and email list subscribers.




Ad Creative Pillars

From top to bottom of funnel the three pillars that content was centred around for this brand were:

  • User Generated Content
  • Product & Bundle Carousels
  • Customer Reviews & Comment Showcases
Stacks Live Reporting Dashboard


The application of a strong digital marketing strategy to this D2C ecommerce brand was an overwhelming a success and the numbers speak for themselves. Needless to say this campaign continued to be ran after the 12 months window!

0 x
Average Return on Ad Spend Sustained over a 12 month period
0 %
Increase in revenue between Q1 and Q4
0 +
Purchases directly attributed to social in a 12 month period

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