Davis Events Website Redesign

Davis Events is one of Dublin's most well-established event agencies.

The award-winning agency has delivered events for organisations such as Google, Three Mobile, Dropbox and Autodesk, as well as public bodies including HSE, Irish Government and Dublin City Council.
Davis Events were also the agency behind Dublin’s New Year’s Eve festival which received recognition across the globe for its innovation and unique features.

With the the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic, Davis Events made the decision to shift their focus from live events to expanding their virtual events offering.
Additionally, Davis events wished to refine the user experience, from first visiting the site to making making contact with the Davis team to start making their dream event a reality.
Over the course of a few weeks Stacks Creative worked closely with Davis Events to launch their site in April 2020.

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  1. In approaching this project there were three key objectives.
    Effectively showcase the Davis Events brand and case study examples.
  2. Communicate Davis Event’s core services and values in a way that is aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Ensure the user journey from first learning about Davis Events to making contact is simple and effortless.

Mobile & SEO Focused

A key focus of this website design was to ensure that the Davis Events site was mobile optimised and SEO friendly.
Each step of the design process had mobile layout at the focus and each web page was designed with ranking highly in Google search results as a priority.

Davis Events Mobile Web Design

Outcome & Results

After a few short weeks of collaboration and we were able to launch the Davis Events website in April 2020. The site effectively communicates the Davis Events brand values in way that is aesthetically pleasing and true to brand.
While also serving as a platform to pivot their focus as an agency towards the world of virtual events.

Davis Events Stacks Creative Motion Graphics

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