E-Commerce and Paid Social Trends 2023

3 Paid Social & eCommerce Trends You Need to Know 2023

As we kick off 2023, it’s impossible to predict the future with 100% accuracy, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. In the world of paid social media and eCommerce, there are a few trends that are worth paying attention to.


1. Ad creative will be key in high-performing paid social campaigns 🖼️

This year, it’s not just about having high production values, but rather the ability to produce authentic, pattern-disrupting ad creative at scale. User-generated content (UGC) is expected to continue to outperform high production throughout 2023, as social media users value and seek out authenticity.


2. AI will slash the costs of content 🤖

Over the next year, we can expect to see artificial intelligence (AI) have a significant impact on all professional industries. Technologies such as ChatGPT, Dall-E, and Midjourney are revolutionizing the way we create and produce content. For eCommerce and paid media, AI is expected to significantly reduce the costs of producing site content, ad copy, blogs, and product descriptions.


3. Multi-channel brands will achieve the best results 📣

E-Commerce brands that rely on a single channel to advertise their products/services will struggle to achieve the same returns. With the growing concerns around privacy and the skyrocketing costs of advertising on major channels, it’s becoming increasingly important for brands to diversify their marketing efforts across multiple channels. Email marketing is still a relevant channel and TikTok is expected to continue its explosive growth in 2023, making it an important platform for many brands to consider.

Overall, it’s important to stay on top of these trends and adapt as necessary. As the economy slows down in 2023, it will be more important than ever to cut costs and find ways to maximize returns on investment. By keeping an eye on these predictions, eCommerce and paid media professionals can position themselves for success in the year ahead.

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