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Paid Social Media

How does it work?

Engage highly-targeted audiences across social channels, generating demand, new customers and build brand awareness.

Targeted approach enables you to maximise return on investment and concentrate your efforts towards methods that get results. 


Paid Social Media Ad Creative

Stacks Paid Social Campaigns

Specialised in:

Social platform intricacies

The world of social media advertising moves quickly but we are at the forefront of social. With a constant stream of new strategies and approaches, we have made it our mission to ensure our clients campaigns are performing to achieve long term ecommerce growth.

Audience Targeting

There is no end to the targeting options available on social media platforms. We recognise that each business has different needs so don’t restrict ourselves to a set of predefined rules. Instead, we survey the current marketing landscape to identify and capture the strongest media performance possible for each brand.

Conversion Tracking

Accurate reporting is crucial to determine the ROI of your campaigns. Unlike traditional channels, paid social ads allow you to track quantifiable metrics, conversions, and Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) so you know exactly how well your campaign is performing. We will set up a live reporting dashboard report allowing you to check campaign performance at any moment.

The Approach to Paid Social

Live Reporting Dashboard

All of your marketing data in one place

The Stacks Creative client dashboard pulls in data from all of your social channels and website to give you a crystal clear picture on your ROI and trends.

Stacks Live Reporting Dashboard

Core to the approach

What Stacks Does Differently

Paid Social Media Ad Creative

Creative Asset Toolkit

A creative asset toolkit will be gathered to run your campaign utilising your existing creative assets as well as creating new mobile-first content using animations, unboxing videos, and user-generated content (UGC) that are brand focused and optim

Instagram Post Mockup

Regimented Creative Testing

Monthly creative testing with a variety of different ad styles on each platform to better understand what resonates with your audience on the platforms they spend their time. This process is vital to avoiding burnout in your ad accounts and keeps your brand on top of the creative trends.

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