The Temple Bar Case Study

The Temple Bar Pub is the most famous pub in Ireland. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit The Temple Bar annually.

The cherry-red painted pub is considered a must-visit pub for its unique photogenic exterior, live music and late night atmosphere.
In the lead up to Christmas 2018, The Temple Bar wanted to leverage it’s organically grown following of over 130K followers (across Facebook Instagram and Twitter) to advertise and stimulate online engagement surrounding the unique atmosphere of The Temple Bar during the Christmas and New Years period.
Through collaborating and an idea generation session with the management of The Temple Bar Pub. We designed a social content campaign that featured both original video, photo and graphic content to publish building up to Christmas and the pub’s New Years Eve Party.

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When approaching this campaign that our main objectives were to boost engagement across all social metrics, while also preserving the authenticity and ‘great craic’ atmosphere of The Temple Bar Pub. To do that we researched their hugely successful brand and what types of marketing messages from previous years and their current social media audience.


A key piece of content in our strategy was our minute-long The Temple Bar Christmas 2018 video in collaberation with¬†Dan Dunne¬†which captured the pub’s atmosphere and energy during the festive season. The video caught the attention of The Temple Bar social community with a significant increase in engagement across all metrics.

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Photography & Graphics

In addition to the success of Christmas video we used a mix of photo and graphic posts to continue to build excitement and engagement into the Christmas period, with the campaign building up to the New Years Eve party which every year sees people from around the world fly to Dublin to celebrate New Years at The Temple Bar.

In Conclusion

Using a mix of photo, graphic and video content we delivered on the objectives of this campaign with significant increases in engagement across all metrics while keeping all content authentic and true to The Temple Bar brand.

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