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Work with Top Creators
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Authentic user content without the hassle.

More and more brands are seeking for creators to produce content for their paid ads and feeds. The process of finding creators, negotiating fees, drafting agreements, handling revisions and editing can be overwhelming, especially at scale. Our goal is to simplify that process.

Connect with over 200+ Irish Content Creators - and growing!
Content edited, formatted and subtitled.
We handle agreements, briefs and revisions.
Outreach, creator contracts, and usage rights covered.

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Our UGC Process

Your brand's perception and positioning is everything. We want to take out the hassle and unpredictability of collaborating with multiple content creators at scale. To achieve this, we use a tried and tested process.

1. Creative Brief

What message do you want your content to convey? Either fill out a brief template or hop on a short call with us.

2. Creator Selection

We'll hand-pick a list of top creators who are a perfect match for your audience and niche.

3. Creative Production

Once each creator is approved. Your product is shipped to each creator and created using tried and tested hooks and best practices.

4. Review & Publish

Once you're 100% happy the content is ready to be launched organically or into your paid ad campaigns.

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What is UGC?

UGC stands for User-Generated Content. It refers to content — usually videos and photos— created by individuals rather than brands or companies. UGC is often shared on social media platforms by content creators or brands themselves.

Why use UGC?

UGC is perceived as more authentic and seamlessly fits in amounts other video content on social media feeds.

As a result, UGC drives significantly better campaign results compared to non-UGC across multiple niches.

Why shouldn't I just reach out to content creators myself?

This is an a that can certainly work for if you have the time and resources in place in-house.

However, if you're looking for a solution that can handle creator selection, reach out, usage-rights agreements, creator payment, brief documents, edits and revisions at scale - then we might be a good fit for your brand!

Do I get to select my creators?

We recognize every brand's social media approach is distinct, and the selection of content creators is crucial.

Prior to initiating any project, we pair you with creators we believe align best with your vision. If there's any mismatch, simply inform us and we'll identify another suitable creator. We're committed to ensuring the UGC content meets your expectations.

Can I provide creators?

Yes, if there is a particular content creator that you'd like for us to reach out to let us know. If they're available to work with we'll add them to your list!

How much does UGC cost?

The cost of UGC varies as our community of creators has different rates for producing content. However, UGC is typically a more cost-effective solution compared to engaging with large following influencers or investing in high-end ad production.

Do you offer paid campaign management?

Yes, we work with a number of brands to manager their paid media spend, introducing UGC assets where appropriate. Click here to learn more about our paid ads and e-commerce services.